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Share-in our journey as the vision for the Chateau De La Durantie turns into a reality.  We will also share with you some of the reasons why people are passionate about living in The Tarn region and keep you up-to-date with what is going on in the region.


Our first blog post…


The marketing of Chateau De La Durantie is now well underway and we have opened the historical gates to curious visitors who have shown their excitement about the renovation of this late 19th century gem.  The idea is to turn the chateau and the surrounding 15 hectare estate into a country club and spa for members only, made up of both property owners visiting their homes in the grounds of the estate and locals.


Property prices have recently been released and construction of phase one is due to commence in the New Year.  It is anticipated that the first proud owners will receive the keys to their French holiday homes in summer 2014.


Laurence Geddes, Deputy Mayor in charge of Culture and Heritage says: “I am interested in the preservation of the existing architecture and seeing the sympathetic development of this project.  Alongside this, it will provide an economic interest for many within the local community.”


Gourmet food served at luxury bistro in south-west France


Developer Tony Dowse says: “The aspect that I find so interesting is that the local businessmen have come together to invest in the future economy of the Tarn to provide local employment as the structure of the local economy changes.  Also, an Anglo-French team is being fully supported by the local Mayor and combines local builders and artisans with valuable local knowledge with a team of British designers and marketeers.”


The Developer, Environ, has built various award-winning homes in the UK and this is the first French project. However, Co-Developer David Boden knows the château well having lived nearby for 16 years: “Having lived here  in this magical region for so many years and thoroughly enjoying our lifestyle I’m delighted to be able to share it with others as well as helping to sustain the local economy.”


For those who wish, the Country Club at Durantie will provide property owners with opportunities to interact with the locals and become involved in the community.  The Chateau building will form the heart of the development and it is here that the residents, guests and local ‘members’ will come together during the day and into the evenings, to drink, dine and enjoy everything from courses and events to concerts…