Valentines In France:
Sweet Love in the Town on the Clouds


Valentine’s Day is believed by many to have French origins. It is a long-held belief that the first ever Valentine’s Day poem was sent by the young French Duke of Orleans to his beloved wife, while imprisoned in the Tower of London. Although this may be no more than a sweet fairy-tale, it is certainly no myth that France remains one of the most romantic countries in the world, and residents at La Durantie are perfectly situated to take advantage of this romantic atmosphere and enjoy a perfect Valentine’s getaway. The estate itself is a romantic haven for couples, where residents are able to enjoy stunning views of rolling vineyards and expansive oak forests, while walking through the quaint surroundings of the estate with its fairy-tale roses and Belle-Époque chateau.


A perfect Valentine’s Day for any sweet-toothed lovers should certainly include a trip to the Musée Les arts du sucre et du chocolat in nearby Cordes-sur-Ciel.  Cordes-sur-Ciel is a delightfully picturesque medieval town, perched high on a rock and overlooking the gorgeous surrounding countryside. The town’s name alludes to the way spring and autumn mists surround the foot of the hill, making the town appear to be magically floating above the clouds – ‘Cordes in the Sky’.


The museum is found in the heart of the village, and offers an insight into the work of some of France’s award-winning chocolatiers. There is a gourmet trail through the museum, where couples will discover the fine art of sugar and chocolate while learning about the history and importance of chocolate in the region. The visit ends with a demonstration by some of the resident professionals. Why simply buy a box of Valentine’s chocolates when you can watch them being made by award-winning chocolatiers? After spending the day indulging the senses with some of the world’s best chocolate, couples can head out to the town’s hillside botanical gardens and watch the sun set over the Tarn.



There are other options for those staying at La Durantie for Valentine’s Day. Residents at the estate are able to reach Paris directly on the TGV, France’s high-speed train, making it an ideal trip for those who would like to spend the most romantic time of the year in the most romantic city in the world.  Exactly what makes the city a great location for a Valentines’ Day trip hardly needs to be explained; the city has long been famed for its romance, which can be felt in the air while walking along the Seine, dining in picturesque cafes on cobbled streets, and enjoying the views of the Eiffel Tower aglow at night. The beautiful architecture and fine art also help the city live up to its romantic reputation.


Whether couples decide to spend the day in the city of love, visiting the seductive chocolate museum of Cordes-sur-Ciel or simply relaxing in the romantic surroundings of La Durantie, it will be easy to fall head-over-heels for Valentine’s Day in France.