Tips for Brits Looking to Move to France



Making the move abroad is a big decision and for those wishing to make the jump to France can rest assured that an English speaking team is at hand for guidance throughout the sales process at La Durantie in The Tarn.  Jeanne Boden is Team Manager and Director of the new development of vernacular houses and apartments in the grounds of a historical belle époque style chateau, which is soon to become a Country Club with state of the art spa.  She has lived in the region for seventeen years, having also brought-up her family there and is on the local council in Castelnau de Montmiral, so really understands the local bureaucracy.  Whether it’s helping to access France’s superb health system, getting a document translated or just making a restaurant reservation, the staff at La Durantie makes life easy and worry-free.


Jeanne Boden says: “My biggest tip is definitely to learn the language as quickly as possible to fully experience life in France and if you wish to integrate with the local society. Visiting and getting to know the local Mayor or ‘Marie’ is also a good way of familiarising yourself with the area.  If you’ll be using a car then you have about 6 months to re-register your car and driving licence in your local prefecture.  If moving with young children then the local town hall will have up to date information on the local primary schools and are an excellent port of call for information.  If you don’t speak good French, you can also ask if they have someone on the local council who might be able to help out. I’d also encourage people to look for local expat communities, who will be able to provide lots of information on the local area, as well as becoming great new friends.  Of course, for those moving into homes at La Durantie will have a community of potential new international friends on their doorstep already!”