New vines planted at Durantie


Located on a wine domain, overlooking undulating vineyards and miles of oak forest, La Durantie is a wine enthusiast’s dream; not only will homeowners be surrounded by beautiful Gaillac vineyards, they will soon be able to drink wine produced on their own doorstep. Gaillac itself is one of France’s premiere wine regions with a rich history of production, with the first vine plantations dating back to the Roman times. Wine lovers living at La Durantie can look forward to the annual Fête des Vins (Wine Festival) that takes place every August in the heart of nearby Parc de Foucaud.


The new vines at La Durantie have been planted this April as part of the restoration process at the chateau which will see it return to its former status as a vineyard domain. Not only will these vines produce delicious wine, they are also an impressive sight, adding colour to the already beautiful surrounding countryside. The vines are planted at the most southern edge of the site and provide picturesque views from the Chateau terrace.


La Durantie has clay soil and many nearby brooks and streams, creating perfect conditions for the “Petit Manseng” vines which have been planted.  This is a white grape that will be hand-picked late in the season (up to November), allowing the first mildews to appear and the rotting process to start.  This process is what results in the delicious sweet wines the region is so famous for.


La Durantie’s wines will be produced in attractive 50cl bottles for serving with puddings and foie gras, and will be available to homeowners at a discounted price.  The bottles will proudly bear the ‘La Durantie’ label, with its turquoise flying duck signifying an escape to tranquillity, an escape that will surely be made easier with a glass of fine Gaillac wine in hand.