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  • "The real France, but with a reassuring safety net. Oliver Wadeson explores a new rural development in the Tarn.
    Now the Tarn is about to find its place on the map this side of the Channel thanks to a new development called La Durantie near Gaillac, a short drive from the beautiful city of Albi, birthplace of the French painter Toulouse Lautrec…..Get twenty per cent off the price of a property at La Durantie by signing a leaseback agreement. A French government initiative to encourage tourism and house-building."

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  • "Its sense of tranquillity and wide open space are what led Jeanne Boden to move here from London 17 years ago, along with her husband David and their four young children. 'It’s such a lovely place to bring up a family,' Jeanne explains. 'It feels like England 40 years ago – the children grew up playing in the square, picking wild mushrooms and going out on tractors with local farmers. It’s true natural countryside; it’s safe, with good air and the local community really look out for you'."

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  • "The new-build homes will be built in the traditional rose brick found in the local villages and fortified towns of the area. The chateau will be converted to a restaurant, bar, library, concierge and residents club. The chateau's outbuildings will be extended, to create a gym, spa and events complex."

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  • "When Jeanne Boden (sales Director at Durantie development) received a visit from a location scout she had no idea that Durantie belle Epoque chateau would be the inspiration for the film 'The Hundred Foot Journey'"

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  • “The favourable buying conditions in Euriope really convinced us to buy now, I tend to look at things in depth, and if the economics were still looking dire, I would have waited for a year or two longer. I don’t think its ever going to be as cheap as it is now to borrow money to buy – and the mortgages are a lot cheaper in France than you can get in Britain. For the 20-year fixed mortgage I am taking, the rate is about 2.5 per cent.”

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  • "La Durantie’s historical chateaux and Dame Helen Mirren make the perfect combination in a heart-warming film, set to propel the Tarn region into the world’s media spotlight. The Tarn is a quintessentially French rural region much loved by a number of British expats who have stumbled upon it and never left! The elegant belle époque chateau is one of the region’s prize possessions."

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  • "Make yourself at home in Mirren’s kitchen. Helen Mirren is on fine form in her latest film, The Hundred-Foot Journey, which is in cinemas across London. The culinary drama showcases delicious properties, including a chateau in Tarn, south west France, part of a development called La Durantie."

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  • "The following film, The Hundred Foot Journey, based on the Richard C Morais novel of the same name, is likely to inspire you to do the following: eat a curry, cook gourmet French food, visit south west France or maybe even by yourself a classic French chateau. The British star of The Hundred-Foot Journey, Helen Mirren, plays Madame Mallory, the intimidating proprietor of a Michelin-starred French restaurant who is outraged by the opening of a curry house across the street. Her beautiful restaurant is set in La Durantie, a belle époque-style chateau in The Tarn region of the Midi-Pyrenees in south west France. The chateau will soon be home to a real French restaurant though – La Durantie."

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  • "From City To Santé. Leasing vines – a number of leaseback developments in France now offer this option, such as La Durantie in Tarn. From 2015, owners will be able to lease or buy their own package of 50 vines on the 1.3 hectare vineyard, and customised labels will also be available for an extra personal touch."

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  • Ready To Take The Plunge - “As the pound soars against the dollar and the euro, more and more Britons are searching for a home in the sun. Ruth Bloomfield finds where your money goes further(…)Helen and David Ponsford, from St John’s Wood, north London, are in the process of buying a second home at La Durantie. The couple, who both work for technology companies, have benefited from the strong pound and the fact that, according to the French National Real Estate Federation, averages prices in France dropped 1.9% in the past year.”

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  • “A House-Hunter’s Tour De France. If you know where to look, you can still find great bargains across the Channel, particularly with the strong pound on your side. The Tarn offers a well-priced alternative to the Languedoc-which came on to savvy property-searchers’ radar a few years ago.”

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  • "Joie de vivrea. A collection of new luxury homes for sale in the beautiful Midi-Pyrénées region of south-west France"

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  • "Invest in a working holiday home: managed resorts. On the point of abandoning their dream, Helen and David Ponsford saw La Durantie in the quiet, rural Tarn. The renovated 17th century chateau with new-build homes in the grounds and a restaurant, bar, and a large spa with indoor and outdoor pools and treatment rooms, was a revelation. Helen, 43 says: “Originally we wanted a romantic, independent property before realising that buying a second home with a fully managed rental suits our lifestyles much better. We can lock it up and leave with no hassle, coming for two weeks in the summer as well as numerous weekend breaks.”"

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  • “Finding life a bit stressful? Property sleuth Graham Norwood takes his pick of the most relaxing homes on the international market. La Durantie – If you buy the property, you also join a country club with access to a luxury spa. Between treatments, wander through the 37 acres of grounds and woodlands. They are in a designated area of outstanding beauty.”

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  • Jeanne Boden, Sales Director of La Durantie, offers her expert advice on buying a home via the leaseback scheme in France...

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  • “The World Health report 2000 ranked France as the first in the world for healthcare, followed by Italy” Jeanne Boden who has lived for 18 years in The Tarn in South West France with her family says: “We are fortunate in Castelnau de Montmiral that we have three wonderful GP’s, four community nurses, a physiotherapist and a pharmacy who really know all their patients in the old fashioned way.” Link to article

  • “Prime aspect. The French chateau where Helen Mirren shot her latest film has a starring role in a new holiday estate…It’s an inspired piece of casting. When Hollywood went looking for a French property to play a Michelin-starred restaurant owned by Dame Helen Mirren, La Durantie couldn’t have been more perfect. Chic, classy and mature, the belle époque chateau in The Tarn region of South-West France seemed destined for a co-starring role with the Oscar-winning actress.”

    The Sunday Times Link to article

  • "If you don’t want the hassle of owning an entire estate, this could be a good solution... Ownership comes with year-round membership to the country club, combining the amenities of a top hotel with the rural elegance of a country house."

    The Sunday Telegraph Link to article

  • “Oodles of sunshine, a relaxed lifestyle, gorges, forests, lakes and a long life – who wouldn’t love the Midi Pyrenees. Asks Cathy Hawker”

    “The Tarn, immediately east of Toulouse airport, is arguably the most beautiful of the eight departments that make-up the Midi-Pyrenees. Medieval hilltop villages, such as much-photographed Cordes-sur-Ciel, overlook the ancient vineyards of Gaillac while Albi, the Tarn’s riverside capital and a Unesco World Heritage Site, is surely one of the prettiest small cities in all of France.”

    “Chateau de la Durantie will offer annual membership to local people as a well as owners, providing year-round buzz in a quintessential rural French setting within one hour of Toulouse and Albi”

    Cathy Hawker, Evening Standard Link to article

  • “The Tarn is often referred to as the Tuscany of France and compared with The Cotswolds some 50 years ago. The fabled ‘Golden Triangle’ between Albi, Gaillac and Cordes-sur-Ciel is aptly named by local estate agents due to discerning high net worth English settling here in the last 30 years attracted by the unspoilt countryside. Traditionally the Dordogne property market has thrived with British holiday home owners compared to the lesser known Tarn which is now emerging as an option which is just as beautiful, but with a better climate. The Tarn also offers a new alternative to the Languedoc which came onto savvy property searchers’ radar a few years ago.”

    “Country Club membership at Durantié is ideal for those who enjoy the finer things in life giving owners the use of the private rooms in the chateau building such as the brasserie, bistro, drawing room, library and two private rooms for dining or meetings.”

    Chelsea Monthly Link to article

  • “Buying a second home is costly, but France has a pay-as-you-go alternative UK based developer Environ Communities Ltd, which specialises in luxury homes in historic environments, has recently unveiled plans for La Durantie near Toulouse.”

    “The Tarn provides solid rental income for 30+ weeks of the year”

    The Scotsman Link to article

  • “The Charm of the Tarn – genuinely unspoiled & busting with attractive period properties for sale, the Tarn region in the South –West is the real France”

    “A classic château dating back to medieval times…owners here will enjoy the pleasures of a historic property and a pretty location”

    Holly Kirkwood, Countrylife

  • “Community living on an historic estate is the principle behind La Durantie, a 32 acre rural site two miles from Castelnau de Montmiral…a gem only six hours from Paris”

    “Paul Salvador, the Mayor of Castelnau de Montmiral, has a refreshing positive view of the British residents of his lovely medieval town. He lives in one of the most traditional parts of France…but he is one of the first to appoint an English resident to serve on his council”

    Cathy Hawker, Evening Standard

  • “A Land of Vine and Roses - perfect for downsizers who want tranquillity and charm”

    “While beach-front properties are providing the best for investment others are emerging as ideal for downsizers seeking rural solitude and unspoilt scenery”

    “Surrounded by rolling hills, a 7,000 hectare forest and the River Tarn, owners will be nature loving types with a passion for walking, hiking, horse-riding and fishing”

    Jane Slade, The Sunday Express

  • “A Bonne Chance To Own A Château – pity the poor owner of a historic French Chateau unable to get staff these days? Owning at La Durantié is like becoming a member of an exclusive club”

    The Sunday Tribune

  • “Château Living Without The High Cost – La Durantié has a taste of opulence”

    “La Durantié claims it can change the way people consider purchasing & living in a historic French residence…the idea is that owning here will be like becoming a member of an exclusive club offering a taste of French living as it once was – without the islolation”

    Diarmaid Condon, The Irish Examiner