Le Terroir de Tarn


As the hot September sun continues to shine in the Tarn, construction continues at full speed at La Durantie. Terracing is now complete for the foundation preparation of plots 1-6, including the private pool areas of plots 3, 4 and 5 (as pictured above). These three plots will be part of a mini hamlet, made up of three-bedroom homes with ensuite bathrooms and a shared courtyard, La Cour Braucol which is one of the Gaillac grape varieties and coincidentally chosen for the house red this year.



Even as autumn approaches, the sunny days in the Tarn with temperatures still in the high 20s, will draw residents outside to their shared courtyards for al fresco lunches and evening drinks with their neighbouring friends. Whilst the homes’ individual courtyards will provide a secluded, private space where residents can relax and recharge in the autumn sun.



September is an important month for both La Durantie and the local area as it signals the start of the wine harvest.  With its own onsite colourful vines La Durantie is preparing for the harvest in full swing.  In the near future, homeowners will be able to taste wine made on their doorstep and enjoy picturesque views of the wine domain situated at the most southern part of the development.



The Tarn is the oldest wine-producing region in France and is acclaimed for the country’s finest reds whites and sparkling wines. Wine lovers can look forward to celebrations in nearby towns, offering their own ‘Fête des Vendanges’ (wine harvest celebrations), such as one taking place in Bruniquel on the 20th September.

As you can see September is an exciting month in the Tarn. Residents at La Durantie can enjoy the hot September weather, as well as benefiting from fewer crowds when visiting nearby sites. Keep checking our blog to keep track of the exciting developments at La Durantie, or follow us on Twitter @ChateauDurantie.