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Low-cost flights and excellent road and rail networks make this part of France a breeze to get to and from

Air Links

​Low-cost flights have made most of France extremely accessible in recent years, with flights to and from a huge range of airports across Europe to small airports all over France. Toulouse airport is the largest nearby, with international flights to many European countries as well as Canada, India and Morocco. The airport continues to expand - both in terms of facilities and routes, boosted by traffic to and from the Airbus facility.

​Toulouse is only one of six airports within a two-hour drive of La Durantie. As well as helping to facilitate bookings by holiday-makers to the development, these routes mean you can get back to the ‘old country’ or jet off to somewhere you’ve never been, inexpensively and conveniently. The table below lists where you can fly to from the six major airports close to the château.

Airport Distance from Durantie Flights to
Toulouse (Blagnac) 50 mins All over Europe, Canada, India, Morocco
Albi 20 mins
Castres 60 mins
Carcassonne 90 mins London, Brussels
Rodez 90 mins
Cahors 110 mins

Road Links

​France has one of Europe’s most sophisticated road networks, and Toulouse is the hub for the south west of France - with major motorways branching off from here to destinations throughout Europe. The E9, E70 and E60 take you north to the channel ports, Belgium and southern Germany. The E72 goes direct to Bordeaux and the Atlantic coast, and the E80 takes you down to Madrid and Portugal. The E80 runs eastwards too - to the E9, where it branches out north to Nîmes, Provence and the Cote d’Azur and then on to Italy; and to the south via Perpignan to Barcelona.

​The size of France and the fact that the road network is so well-maintained means that the motorways and roads here remain unclogged - making driving a pleasure compared to other parts of Europe. The chart below illustrates how easy it is to get to other parts of France and Europe from the château.

To Time
Gaillac 15 mins
Albi 20 mins
Montauban 50 mins
Toulouse 55 mins
Toulouse Airport 55 mins
Bordeaux 2 hours 40 mins
Andorra 3 hours
Biarritz 3 hours 30 mins
Barcelona 4 hours 15 mins
Marseilles 4 hours 15 mins
Cannes 5 hours 30 mins
Monaco 6 hours
Paris 6 hours

Rail Links

​Again, France’s superb infrastructure means getting to La Durantie via train is quick and painless. Toulouse is very well connected via the country’s intercity service to the west coast TGV line that runs from Bordeaux up to Paris, and also down to the Mediterranean. This line also runs to Paris via Montpellier and Lyon. Improvements to these lines mean that the TGV service from Toulouse will spirit you to Paris in only a few hours. Similar improvements to the high-speed lines down and through Spain mean Barcelona will also only be a few hours away - making weekend breaks in the city very easy indeed.