Media Testimonials

  • "Former Marks and Spencer wine buyer Andy Howard, a Master of Wine, has been engaged to oversee wine making, help create the new label and run the wine courses"

    Andrea Watson, Sunday Express Link to article

  • "A belle époque chateau in the Tarn region in the south of France has created a home from home for British buyers. There is a spa, tennis courts, croquet lawn, pitch and putt, wine tastings, films and talks."

    "The Château de la Durantie is aimed at the well-travelled grey-pounders in this golden triangle between Albi, Gaillac and Cordes-sur-Ciel"

    Caroline McGhie, The Sunday Telegraph Link to article

  • "Prime Properties In France…Set in a 15ha estate with Belle Epoque style chateau, Chateau De La Durantie is a new development with country club membership"

    Destination France Link to article

  • “Oodles of sunshine, a relaxed lifestyle, gorges, forests, lakes and a long life – who wouldn’t love the Midi Pyrenees. Asks Cathy Hawker”

    “The Tarn, immediately east of Toulouse airport, is arguably the most beautiful of the eight departments that make-up the Midi-Pyrenees. Medieval hilltop villages, such as much-photographed Cordes-sur-Ciel, overlook the ancient vineyards of Gaillac while Albi, the Tarn’s riverside capital and a Unesco World Heritage Site, is surely one of the prettiest small cities in all of France.”

    “Chateau de la Durantie will offer annual membership to local people as a well as owners, providing year-round buzz in a quintessential rural French setting within one hour of Toulouse and Albi”

    Cathy Hawker, Evening Standard Link to article

  • “The Tarn is often referred to as the Tuscany of France and compared with The Cotswolds some 50 years ago. The fabled ‘Golden Triangle’ between Albi, Gaillac and Cordes-sur-Ciel is aptly named by local estate agents due to discerning high net worth English settling here in the last 30 years attracted by the unspoilt countryside. Traditionally the Dordogne property market has thrived with British holiday home owners compared to the lesser known Tarn which is now emerging as an option which is just as beautiful, but with a better climate. The Tarn also offers a new alternative to the Languedoc which came onto savvy property searchers’ radar a few years ago.”

    “Country Club membership at Durantié is ideal for those who enjoy the finer things in life giving owners the use of the private rooms in the chateau building such as the brasserie, bistro, drawing room, library and two private rooms for dining or meetings.”

    Chelsea Monthly Link to article

  • “Buying a second home is costly, but France has a pay-as-you-go alternative UK based developer Environ Communities Ltd, which specialises in luxury homes in historic environments, has recently unveiled plans for La Durantie near Toulouse.”

    “The Tarn provides solid rental income for 30+ weeks of the year”

    The Scotsman Link to article

  • "Tony Dowse, Developer of La Durantie in South West France said: “The weather, lifestyle and proximity to the UK make France a constant favourite, and with the Pound going much further 2013 could be a good time to buy”

    The Negotiator Link to article

  • "A Chateau with a difference... Built in vernacular style, the new properties will come with country-club membership"

    Country Life Link to article

  • "A sedate slice of Midi life, yet with much of the sophistication of neighbouring Provence"

    The Telegraph Link to article

  • “The idea is to turn the elegant Belle Epoque chateau into a country club and spa for members only, made up of both property owners and locals”

    “The Tarn is a hidden gem, one of the most picturesque regions in southern France, with many historic and beautifully preserved fortified villages”

    “The area lies to the north of the Languedoc and south-east of Dordogne and although far less well known than either of those areas, is highly treasured by the Britons who discovered it”

    Daily Express Link to article

  • “Combining idyllic rural surroundings with state-of-the-art on-site facilities this new development is where the past & the future seamlessly come together in the present”

    Vicky Leigh, French Property News Link to article

  • “The Charm of the Tarn – genuinely unspoiled & busting with attractive period properties for sale, the Tarn region in the South –West is the real France”

    “A classic château dating back to medieval times…owners here will enjoy the pleasures of a historic property and a pretty location”

    Holly Kirkwood, Countrylife

  • “The lock-and-leave château…a little piece of French heritage, without the headache of maintenance costs”

    “It is hard not to fall for La Durantié. It is a blissfully tranquil place, surrounded by majestic, unspoilt countryside”

    Claire Carponen, The Times

  • “A Chateau Lifestyle…………. It offers holiday home owners a chance to live the chateau lifestyle without the financial hard labour.”

    “Despite the nobility-nobbling efforts of France’s 1789 revolution the country’s chateaux have remained the reserve of wealthy buyers looking to own the ultimate French property. But could all that be about to change?”

    Nigel Lewis, Prime Location

  • “Community living on an historic estate is the principle behind La Durantie, a 32 acre rural site two miles from Castelnau de Montmiral…a gem only six hours from Paris”

    “Paul Salvador, the Mayor of Castelnau de Montmiral, has a refreshing positive view of the British residents of his lovely medieval town. He lives in one of the most traditional parts of France…but he is one of the first to appoint an English resident to serve on his council”

    Cathy Hawker, Evening Standard

  • “A Land of Vine and Roses - perfect for downsizers who want tranquillity and charm”

    “While beach-front properties are providing the best for investment others are emerging as ideal for downsizers seeking rural solitude and unspoilt scenery”

    “Surrounded by rolling hills, a 7,000 hectare forest and the River Tarn, owners will be nature loving types with a passion for walking, hiking, horse-riding and fishing”

    Jane Slade, The Sunday Express

  • “A Bonne Chance To Own A Château – pity the poor owner of a historic French Chateau unable to get staff these days? Owning at La Durantié is like becoming a member of an exclusive club”

    The Sunday Tribune

  • “Château Living Without The High Cost – La Durantié has a taste of opulence”

    “La Durantié claims it can change the way people consider purchasing & living in a historic French residence…the idea is that owning here will be like becoming a member of an exclusive club offering a taste of French living as it once was – without the islolation”

    Diarmaid Condon, The Irish Examiner