First terracotta rooftop homes in progress


The first hamlet of four to six vernacular holiday homes is currently taking shape at La Durantie. The hamlets have been designed to draw neighbours outside to share an evening drink or meal on their spacious homes during the many sunny days in the Mediterranean. With the slabs now laid on five houses, the foundations are well underway for the first mini hamlet. The walls and roofs are due to be added in March, and the overall completion of the first five houses anticipated in May.


The homes at La Durantie will be crafted out of a blend of the best local materials such as stone, terracotta, limestone and wood. Each owner has selected from the choice of three colours of terracotta tiles, giving hamlets the varied tone seen in the nearby villages of Castelanu de Montmiral and Cordes-sur-ciel. The houses are to be built on different levels, terraced into the gentle rising hill in order to create a cascading rooftop effect. This will give privacy and views of the surrounding area to individual properties as much as possible, allowing residents to enjoy uninterrupted views across rolling hills, vineyards and expansive woodland.



As build of the first five houses continues, the excavation of the brasserie on the ground floor of the chateau is also in progress. Additionally, the developers at La Durantie have been working with two top local chefs to ensure spaces and appliances in the restaurant’s kitchen are fully functional, within the necessary constraints of a 19th century Chateau. Residents will be able to dine on the large outdoor terrace overlooking the pool and gardens, or at a unique glass table through which they can peer down into what was once the château’s well. Here, they can sample some of the best and most inventive dishes from local chefs in the Tarn region accompanied with fine wines from France and beyond, including wine from La Durantie’s own vineyard.



The houses at La Durantie will also come with efficient rainwater management. Natural practices will minimise the risk of storm events like those seen in the UK in recent months and provide superb water quality for residents. A system of natural ditches connected to the development and a nearby retention lake will allow rainwater to soak away at a natural rate rather than impacting the new homes and leaving the nearby flora unaffected. Unlike other residential developments La Durantie will not have any deep boreholes which often take surface water pollutants into the aquifers. Instead there will be three wells on site with superb water quality and the water quality in connecting rivers will also be carefully monitored.


With all in-hand owners can rediscover ‘L’Art de Vivre’ and appreciate why France is still the world’s top holiday destination. Keep checking our blog to keep track of the exciting developments at La Durantie, or follow us on Twitter @ChateauDurantie and like our Facebook page La Durantie.