Festival Fun in The Tarn This Summer

We have a thriving cultural and festival scene in the Tarn from spring throughout the summer that gives visitors to the region a fascinating insight into the traditions, history and way of life here.


Here are a few of our favourites…



Grand Falconers Medieval FestivalJuly 14th


Every Bastille Day the village of Cordes-sur-Ciel turns the clock back to the Middle Ages with the Grand Falconers Medieval Festival. The whole town gets involved with locals and visitors dressing up, whilst the streets are lined with jugglers, musicians, knights and even fire-eaters. For 2 days, there is a vast selection of shows and concerts taking place. With the sounds of tambourines, bagpipes and lutes, along with many other medieval instruments, the festival is a feast of sight and sound.





Castelnau de Montmiral Music Festival – 21-23 July


Just a walk or short drive from Durantie to our local village of Castlenau de Montmiral, this three-day concert in the main square rocks the village in July.  The acts cover several genres of music with bands last year playing Latin, North American and Irish Music.


The concert starts at 4pm each day and continues late into the evening. Visit the website to find out who is playing this year at https://www.estivalesdemontmiral.com





Apéro Concerts & Gaillac Wine Festivalearly August


Throughout the summer many of the wine domains promote their wines with an apéro concert. Fun and casual, visitors can soak up the stunning vineyard views whilst sampling wine around a barrel, and enjoy some live music.



The concerts lead up to the Gaillac Wine Festival. This is a 48-hour wine party taking over the entire town of Gaillac.  It’s a great way to test out the full range of the Gaillac wines within the confines of a weekend and find out about the area’s unique grape varieties: l’Ondenc, le Mauzac, le Loin d’Oeil, le Braucol, le Duras, Le Prunelard. There are also circus performers, fireworks, strolling players and face painting for the children. The Gourmand Village serves up local delicacies such foie gras, cassoulet, smoked ham from Lacaune, goat’s cheeses and apple pie. There is also a procession with the Messe des Vignerons. resplendent in robes, tricorns and white gloves.





Pink Garlic Festival – August 4th



The village of Lautrec is proud of its local pink garlic (l’ail rose) and celebrates this every year with a festival, market, competitions and music. Some fun events within the festival include free tasting of the Lautrec Pink Garlic soup and a competition for the longest woven string of garlic- the current record being over 21 metres!


For more information see www.tourism-tarn.com