Durantie’s First VIP Visitors


La Durantie received its first VIP guests onsite as five leading UK property journalists were invited to visit and report back to their readers on the chateau development.  Publications represented included; Daily Express, French Property News, Evening Standard, Chelsea Monthly, Expat Telegraph and The Scotsman.


As well as familiarising themselves with the plans for Durantie and meeting the team responsible for bringing the chateau back to life the visit enabled the journalists to explore The Tarn and to see for themselves why so many have chosen to ‘up sticks’ and move here.  The quality of life is hard to deny!


The château has seen several owners throughout its lifetime but significantly, the Schwarzkopf family, famed for perfumes & beauty products, bought the château in the 1980’s and held wild parties whilst farming the 800 acre plot. In the interwar period the vineyard estate was run by nuns and their peaceful influence can still be sensed when entering the gates today… the earlier rush hour bustle in London was long gone!



The chateau is surrounded by undulating vineyards and oak forests for as far as the eye can see.  It is easy to imagine yourself on a warm summer evening sitting on the bistro’s terrace overlooking the pool and the hills beyond sipping a superb Gaillac wine and dining on delicious local delicacies.  For those with a passion for wine tasting it is well-worth following in the group’s footsteps to visit the Château de Mayragues 10kms north of Gaillac.

The journalists received a warm welcome by Christian Riviѐre of the Tarn Tourist Board (www.tourisme-tarn.com) and the local Mayor, Mr Paul Salvador who joined the party for lunch at the nearby Château de Salettes (www.chateaudesalettes.com) which is a culinary treat for foodies! Other restaurants sampled included La Table du Sommelier in Gaillac, L’Ancien Auberge in Puycelsi and lunch in Toulouse at the Restaurant du Père Louis after an extraordinary guided tour of the Toulouse-Lautrec museum in Albi.



The warm winter sunshine made a stroll around the nearby Bastide village of Castelnau de Montmiral a joy as thoughts turned to property once more as the French pastel shutter shades were admired and expert Tony Dowse, pointed-out the traditional characteristics and materials being echoed in the new Durantie homes.



To read the resulting articles and to see for yourself what the journalists had to say about the visit the media testimonials section of our website…