You can expect good returns from these new luxury property investments near Cordes, in the South West or France

The high quality of the luxury property investments at the Château de la Durantie, as well as the wealth of facilities and the quality of the management services, look set to make the development a very popular holiday destination for high-end tourists to south west France.  Furthermore, Durantie is designed for all four seasons and is linked with global service provider RCI for exclusive rentals and exchanges. We don’t guarantee yields to purchasers, but our conservative estimates of rental returns from the properties, based on thorough research of the local market, are as follows:

We offer guaranteed minimum rental occupancy of 9 weeks with the lease back contract which offers between 2-3% returns on all properties net of all charges.

In return for the management of your property’s rental (everything from marketing to change-overs) we will take 20% of the total rental income.


The year-round management of the luxury property and facilities at the Château de la Durantie will make the experience of renting out your property, as well as living here, not only hassle-free, but also contribute to the creation of a vibrant community. Experienced and trained professionals will be on hand 24-7 to solve problems and help you with all aspects of moving to and living in a new country. The Concierge service at The Club will be available to make sure you get the most of your life at Durantie – helping to organise trips, events and activities all year round.

The property management services at the Château de la Durantie can be broken down into the following three areas:


  • All marketing of your property to holiday guests
  • ‘Meet & Greet ‘services for holiday guests
  • Change-over services (cleaning and laundry)
  • Dealing with guests’ issues – before, during and after their stay
  • Collection of rental revenues from guests
  • Administration – paying all utilities, accountancy, payment of quarterly rental statements


  • House maintenance – everything from plumbing to re-decorating
  • Gardening and garden maintenance – all year round
  • Pool maintenance


  • Help with moving to France
  • Help settling in – finance, healthcare, education, administration etc
  • Organising events, activities, parties etc
  • Provision of BBQ boxes, picnic hampers etc

The annual charges for all of the above services (which include full membership of The Durantie Country Club) are:

  • 1 bedroom apartment (shared pool)  €2,900
  • 2 bedroom apartment (shared pool)  €3,200
  • 2 bedroom house (shared pool) €3,700
  • 2 bedroom house (own pool) €4,000
  • 3 bedroom house (own pool) €5.200
  • 4 bedroom house (own pool) €6,150
  • 5 bedroom house (own pool) €7,250

We will be encouraging those living just beyond the Château de la Durantie to join the Durantie Country Club – so as to create a sense of community between development residents and those in the wider community in this part of the south west of France. To that end, we aim to keep Country Club membership as affordable as possible. Membership charges for non-residents will be as follows:

  • 1 person: €450
  • 1 couple: €700
  • Family (based on 4 people): €800
  • Additional family members: €100

Winter Membership (October – March)

  • 1 person: €200
  • 1 couple: €300
  • Family (based on 4 people): €400
  • Additional family members: €50