Attic Clearance Sale (Vide Grenier)


23 November / 10am – 4pm

La Durantie | 81140 Castelnau-de-Montmiral


La Durantie is pleased to announce it will be hosting its own Attic Clearance Sale (Vide Grenier), on the 23rd November and the gates to the chateau estate will be open to the public to explore.  Since the release of the foodie blockbuster, The Hundred-Foot Journey, which was partly shot at the Cheateau de La Durantie, there has been a huge demand by locals and guests to see where the film took place and this will be an ideal opportunity, so feel free to come along!


Guests will have the chance to taste the delicious seasonal dish of wild boar stew, accompanied by La Durantie’s very own wine – just launched.


The passion for digging-around for old treasured items has long been associated with the French and you do not have to go too far in France to find a second hand market of some sort.  Until recently the best places to find a bargain has been concentrated in the larger towns and cities, such as ‘The Big Flea’ in Paris.  However, as many of these markets have today become more touristy and expensive, people are tending to travel further afield and off the beaten track to find quality antiquities.


‘Vide Grenier’ literally means ‘Attic Clearance’ and traditionally were designed for grandchildren to earn some pocket money from selling grandparents’ hoarded items. They provide a great way to uncover bargains such as antique paintings and furniture, French porcelain, vintage clothes, Art Deco objects and even 20th century design classics.


France is the No. 1 tourist destination in the world with around 70 million visitors per annum. There is much to love and to keep people coming back – gastronomy, landscape, architecture, history, culture, heritage, beaches, the weather. The list is endless; but one thing that is significantly growing ever more popular with visitors is seeking out the best flea markets in France.


Directions to La Durantie can be found at: