Villa Rental Income France

Investment in a luxury holiday villa property is an investment with holiday pleasure. The luxury properties at La Durantie will certainly prove a good investment. Each property comes with attractive facilities and management services, both of which will ensure the appeal of the development as a holiday destination for those looking to spend time in south-west France.

What can you enjoy from a property at La Durantie? You can receive a rental income on your property when you’re not staying in it. This development near Albi in the Tarn region cannot fail to offer everything you could need in a holiday property, especially for those who only want to live in it for a portion of the year. If this is the case then you can take advantage of our leaseback contract. You can purchase the property and recover 20% of the sale price if you choose leaseback. This will give you guaranteed rental income from your holiday property. What could be better? A luxury property at your disposal, and you can receive a rental income on it. Choose La Durantie.