Stunning Vineyard Homes in France

Are you a lover of French wine, or perhaps wine in general? Do you long to escape away to the grape vine-rich lands of Burgundy or the Loire? Do you long to own a ‘vineyard home’?

France is a wine lover’s dream, with many of the world’s most celebrated vintages originating from the country. You may enjoy wandering around vineyards, sampling the local produce in a new town or village and attending wine festivals. If this is you then a visit to the Tarn region in south-west France to witness luxury in the form of a series of new homes, might just be the thing.

The La Durantie estate is surrounded by vines and vineyards, and new vines are to be replanted shortly. The local wine – Gaillac wine – is much celebrated, and the area holds an annual wine festival. Local produce is varied and abundant, there is much to see and do, and you can relax away your days surrounded by beautiful natural scenery and countryside. The new homes at La Durantie are, in a sense, stunning vineyard homes with picturesque views over fields of vines. Here, you can learn more about French wine and the local wine produce while enjoying life in a new environment.