Managed Holiday Homes in Languedoc and Tarn

A holiday home is a dream for many people around the world, and if you are fortunate enough to be able to acquire one, it can offer years of freedom and adventure. However, despite the obvious advantages of owning a holiday home such as the lower costs for your holidays, a more personal, relaxing atmosphere and the potential returns from your investment, there are some downsides. These drawbacks may include:

  • Renting it out – Spending your valuable time looking for clients, along with the costs of marketing your holiday home, may end up costing more than you’ll get back from your guests!
  • Cleaning/maintenance – The house will need cleaning and checking before new guests arrive and keeping on top of this can be an unwelcome addition to your list of tasks.

The solution to this issue is simple – buy a managed holiday home. Managed holiday homes in Languedoc and the surrounding areas, such as La Durantie, make for an ideal investment. Additionally, if your holiday home is let for the required time each year it can be purchased under the French system called the Leaseback Scheme, whereby the purchaser can claim back the 20% VAT (must comply with all stipulations). You can find out more about La Durantie by visiting the website at