Luxury Homes in the Tarn

Has the French region of the Midi-Pyrénées cast its spell on you? Has the allure of some of South West France’s most breathtaking landscapes got the better of you?

If it has, we completely understand. You know that you’re really living the dream when it comes to buying luxury homes in the Midi-Pyrénées. The Midi-Pyrénées offers a varied landscape of vineyards, verdant-green gardens, undulating valleys and forestland, enlivened by its capital, the colourful city of Toulouse.

As one might imagine, this glorious section of France is littered with luxury homes. The wonders of living in such a place, a place in which the scenery is your seduction and the landscape brings its own rewards, can be yours to enjoy.

Luxury homes in the Midi-Pyrénées are much sought after, but if you’re looking for something really special then look to La Durantie. In the Tarn region, a new property development is taking hold. La Durantie comprises a series of luxury new homes whose vernacular buildings sit on a south-facing slope. Nine different types of houses are available, and the site will include a spa facility and a bistro bar within the existing 17th Century and Belle Époque buildings.

Expect beauty, classic luxury, spaciousness, light and all the modern conveniences anyone could want.