Luxury holiday properties

Whether you’re looking for a holiday cottage in the French countryside, a gites, a city apartment, a sprawling old farmhouse, or a new build in your preferred region of the country, France has much to offer the family or individual looking to settle – or partly settle – there.

Has France won your heart? Have visits to France over the years left you wanting to buy a holiday property there? If you’re in search of luxury holiday properties in France then it’s worthwhile looking at the properties available at La Durantie.

The properties at La Durantie are so much more than just a luxury property investment. This new development near Albi in the Tarn region cannot fail to please, especially for those who want to enjoy a south of France way of life. If you’d like a holiday home but do not intend to live in it for the entire duration of the year then you can take advantage of our leaseback contract. At Durantie you can purchase your new property and recover 20% of the sale price if you opt for leaseback. This will give you guaranteed rental income from your holiday property, while the experienced team at La Durantie can manage all aspects of the property for you.

Live out your dream at La Durantie.