Looking for Chateau Homes in France?

Whose dream home wouldn’t be a chateau home? No doubt for anyone who loves France, a chateau home in France might be considered the ultimate prize. Whoever said dreams didn’t come true? They can come true for you at the La Durantie estate with its selection of pleasing luxurious new homes, built as part of a development of new homes within the grounds of the beautiful estate.

Gourmet cuisine, local Gaillac wine, fresh food produce, glorious scenery and countryside, history and culture and a new way of living to explore, and homes designed by award-winning architects – could you really ask for anything more? If you’re looking for chateau homes in France, La Durantie should be a consideration. The Tarn region is its location, and in this region you won’t see more picturesque landscapes elsewhere in France.

If you’re hoping to buy a property abroad, don’t overlook France and the lovely Tarn region. Situated in the Tarn near to its better known neighbour Languedoc, La Durantie is a welcoming place, and if you’re keen to find out more about the properties we have on offer, simply get in touch. Your dream home might just be within reach.