Holiday Homes South France

The landscapes of the pretty Tarn region will offer a lot to those who choose to buy a holiday home in this part of the Midi-Pyrénées in the south of France. Not only are the landscapes unspoilt, rich in variety and unrivalled in their beauty, but the region also entertains a certain reputation for superb local gastronomy.

If the Tarn’s Gaillac wine was good enough for Rome’s emperors then no doubt it is good enough for us now. Not only is this region synonymous with vineyards and wine tourism, but the local produce offers something wholesome that everyone can enjoy. From the black truffle ‘harvest’ from November through to March, to pink garlic, goats cheese and the fresher than fresh ‘Melon du Quercy’, the Tarn offers a range of quality produce.

But you don’t have to be a gastronome to enjoy this colourful region of southern France. There is much of cultural and historical interest between the hills and the valley of the Tarn, with its medieval walled villages, castles, abbeys and fine architecture surviving to offer a glimpse into a prestigious past. But with the old comes the new, and the new is coming in the shape of a new property development comprised of luxury homes in the heart of the Tarn countryside.

Is a holiday home in the south of France on the cards?