Find Vineyard Homes In The South of France

Looking for the perfect property in the south of France? The south of France has many assets: the sun, the culture, the cuisine, the landscape. It’s no wonder more and more Britons are hoping to buy a little piece of it for themselves. If you want to immerse yourself in French history and culture, steal a little sunshine, and adopt the relaxed way of life so enjoyed by the locals then look to La Durantie.

Here at La Durantie you will find new homes being built and developed. New, beautiful homes. Tastefully decorated and comfortably furnished, and designed by an architect, you can enjoy what the south of France has to offer from this private base. Located within the grounds of the Château La Durantie in the Tarn region of south-west France, countryside, forestland and vineyards sit nearby, making it the perfect location for anyone who wants to enjoy a more relaxed way of life.

When we say ‘vineyard homes’ we mean vineyard homes. The new properties being built at La Durantie will have the advantage of looking out over the nearby vineyards, so for lovers of French wine or wine makers, this is the place to be. La Durantie produces its own wine and has replanted vines during the restoration. A sweet grape vine has also been recently planted for the owners of properties at La Durantie. We take care of the wine growing, and you can have a beautiful new home and enjoy the wine production – you can even help out during the vendage!

If you want a beautifully situated, hassle-free vineyard home where you can enjoy the (very) local wine, choose La Durantie.