Exclusive Homes South West France

Luxury living is what it’s all about at La Durantie. Many people choose to buy homes in south-west France because of the diverse landscapes, spectacular scenery, richness in agriculture, and warmer, sunnier climate. Summer temperatures in south-west France average between 28 and 33 degrees. Spring usually arrives early and summers are long. So for anyone planning to buy a luxury home in south-west France, you’ll be well-rewarded by both the climate and the landscape as well as by the cuisine.

The exclusive homes being built at La Durantie will offer their owners the freedom to enjoy the local landscape, surrounding gardens, and an outdoor lifestyle. Each will be spacious and light, utilising the best local materials and equipped with all the modern conveniences and features you would expect to find in such exclusive homes. These properties are rooted in the local culture and the rich heritage of cathare country, and each and every owner will be able to enjoy the best of the French countryside and a new, more relaxed outdoor lifestyle.

Situated in the Tarn region, with its excellent culinary traditions, colourful markets sell the best of the local produce, local wine from the nearby vineyards can be enjoyed, and it’s safe to say there are attractions and activities available to entice every type of holidaymaker.