Country Club in Midi Pyrenees

Are you looking to buy a holiday home in Europe? Perhaps a previous interest in buying property in Switzerland has left you pondering where else to invest?

The recent drama in the foreign exchange markets which saw the Swiss franc jump 30% in value against the euro leaves many predicting tough times for the country’s tourism industry. Many prospective homebuyers, initially keen to invest in the Swiss property market, are now thinking again, backtracking at the prospect of greater value for money with the euro. If you feel you’ve been priced out of the market and are tempted to look elsewhere then France is as great a country to invest in as it always was.

Get value for money and a luxury home in the Midi-Pyrénées with a property that forms part of the new development of homes on the La Durantie estate in the Tarn region of south-west France. A home on the estate offers numerous advantages to the homebuyer, not least the unlimited use of the luxury country club. Owners of the properties on the estate as well as people from the local community can congregate at the country club throughout the year to share meals, socialise, attend events and participate in courses. This country club in the Midi-Pyrénées and the nearby luxury homes are open to homebuyers who want to enjoy this beautiful part of the world. For skiing enthusiasts, the nearest ski resort at Ax-les-Thermes is only an hour and a half drive away, which allows you the latitude to watch the weather forecast and pick your day to go skiing from La Durantie.