Country Club in Midi Pyrenees

For anyone who wants to escape away to warmer and quieter climes then France is one of the UK’s top places to steal away to. Not only can you adopt a new lifestyle but you can enjoy a new kind of life while still feeling within easy reach of your friends and family. For anyone making the leap and looking for a property to buy in France then you’ll want to find a property that allows you to enjoy the kind of lifestyle you want to lead.

For anyone looking to buy a property abroad, it’s important to settle somewhere you like and somewhere you feel comfortable, where you can meet others, socialise, improve your mastery of the language, and build a whole other life for yourself. For the property hunter who wants to meet new people and socialise, what could be better than a luxury modern property on a beautiful estate in the Midi Pyrenees with a country club for your unlimited use?

There’s no better way to make new friends in a new environment than through the use of a country club, and you get that when you buy a property on the La Durantie estate in the Tarn region of south-west France. The owners of the properties on the estate and members of the local community are all free to use La Durantie’s luxury country club. Here you can attend events, enrol on courses, and meet others of an evening. If quality downtime is required, head to the country club. With the country club at your disposal you can make the move to France with ease.