Château Homes SW France

It’s generally considered a good investment to buy a second home if financial assets allow for it. The lakeside cabins, the cottages in the countryside, the huts in the mountains and the small apartments in the big cities may sit vacant for the majority of the year, but if you own the property and you’re not residing in it, that doesn’t mean there are no bills to pay throughout the year.

Investment in residential property is a relatively safe investment to make, but if you buy and own a second home then it’s worthwhile to make sure that home generates income for you. The leaseback of residential property is especially popular in France, with its significant tax advantages (20%VAT rebate on your new home) and ability to ease shortages in rental accommodation. If you’re looking to buy an apartment or even a Château home in France which you don’t intend to inhabit for a large portion of the year, then a leaseback arrangement is a good ally, and the scheme is encouraged by the French government.

It’s no wonder south-west France is such a go-to destination for tourists if they want to purchase a holiday property abroad, and the estate of the Château La Durantie is currently playing host to a new development of breathtaking new homes within its grounds.

Could the Tarn be the place you call your second home?