Retirement brings a renewed sense of freedom! With the disappearance of work responsibilities, and children all grown up, it is the ideal time to start truly making the most out of life. Many people dream of retiring to the South of France and using their assets and savings to invest in a Chateau home.

The South of France – A Tranquil Escape

The South of France boasts some of the best weather in the region, enjoying sunny, warm days. The Midi-Pyrenees is a particularly picturesque area, with a similar landscape to some of the most beautiful rural areas in the UK. Amongst undulating hills, dense forests, and winding rivers are scenic quaint villages and beautiful chateau homes for sale.

Chateau Homes at La Durantie

Nestled in a stunning rural area of the Tarn in the South of France are the newly built Chateau Homes of La Durantie. These light and spacious properties are fully managed and have access to a spa and country club, which makes them perfect for relaxing in your retirement. Designed by award winning architects, these new Chateau homes will not only provide you with a relaxed lifestyle, they are also an excellent investment for the future. Find out more about the development at La Durantie here –