Best Vineyard Homes in SW France

Many a wine lover has longed to settle or partially settle in France, hosting as it does, some of the world’s finest wine producing regions. France is littered with vineyards, and if you’re keen to buy a property in south-west France in particular, then there’s plenty of vineyards to see and plenty of local wines to enjoy.

Some of the best vineyard homes in south-west France may lie in the underestimated Tarn region, with its Galliac walled-in towns and vineyards. Tasting the local wine – and there are many different grape varieties – is a wonderful way of understanding the history of this part of the world and its importance as a wine-producing region. You can also visit the Galliac Wine Festival in August and enjoy a glass of the Gaillac region’s Gaillac Primeur.

Situated in south-west France, the Tarn is arguably the loveliest of the eight departments in the Midi-Pyrénées. Just north of the capital of the Tarn, Albi, now inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list, is a landscape which entertains medieval Bastide villages, undulating hills and vineyards. Also located in the Tarn is the estate of the Château La Durantie, and it is here that an exciting new development of luxury homes are being built within the grounds of the estate. If you’ve always longed to buy a home or holiday home in France then La Durantie might just be what you’ve been looking for.