Beautiful Luxury Homes in South France

You know you’ve really made it when you have a beautiful, luxury home as a second home. Buying a second home is a wonderful thing to be able to do, especially when you have the option of turning that second home into an investment. If you buy a second home then it’s worthwhile to make sure that home generates an income for you. Your holiday property can earn you an income whilst you are not using it yourself.

If you’re hoping to buy a second home in the south of France then you’ve chosen the right country. The leaseback of residential property is popular, and indeed recommended, in France as it offers significant tax advantages (20%VAT rebate on your new home). If you’re looking for a second home in France which you don’t intend to live in fulltime then a leaseback arrangement is of real benefit to you.

For beautiful, luxury homes in the south of France why not take a look at Château La Durantie and the new homes within its grounds? At Durantie you can purchase your new property and recover 20% of the sale price if you opt for leaseback. On signing a leaseback contract at the time of purchase you can have a guaranteed rental income from your holiday property which is fully managed for you. At Durantie we offer check in, cleaning, concierge and accountancy services. This is a safe and secure way for you to have a holiday home that earns you an income. It also gives you the flexibility to decide how much you wish to use your property yourself.