Active healthy Retirement Living in South France

A country of rich cultural diversity that’s renowned for its inhabitants’ relaxed approach to life, France has much to offer the retiree, whether you decide to settle in the depths of the countryside, by the sea, or live life in a faster lane in a French city.

Retirement living in south France will offer world-class cuisine, a variety of outdoor pursuits such as fishing, cycling, a leisurely existence, a temperate climate, and spectacular natural landscapes and rich heritage. France also happens to be the UK’s nearest continental neighbour, making it the ideal country to retire away to as you’ll still be able to easily see your family and friends that remain in the UK, with flights running regularly from Toulouse airport.

Many retirees flock to the south coast, to Bordeaux, Provence, the Dordogne or Paris, but there are other areas which are often overlooked when it comes to retirement living, including Normandy and the Tarn region.

If you’re keen to settle in south France for your retirement years, regardless as to whether you want to live a relaxed, quiet existence or a busy, activity-filled time in a new country, retirement living in the Tarn region of the Midi-Pyrénées provides a value for money alternative.

If a luxury new home on the La Durantie estate doesn’t tempt you then we don’t know what will. Retirement living in the Tarn – is there anything better?