An owner’s perspective


Jan Lawson, who recently reserved a 2 bedroom house at La Durantie, gives an account of what attracted her to the luxury chateau development and the Tarn region of France.


“For me, the thing that sets La Durantie apart from other properties is the onsite facilities and the management team. Everything is taken care of while you are away by the onsite management and the English speaking staff are on hand to help you during your stay. This provides a safety net and removes the worry of owning a holiday home abroad where you don’t speak the local language.”


“La Durantie appealed to me because you can choose a house that is manageable in size but comes with extensive leisure facilities and beautiful large grounds that you wouldn’t normally have access to on a single plot. It has all the things you would enjoy about owning a big house, but without the upkeep.”



“The leisure facilities at La Durantie really appealed to me as it extends the appeal of the development beyond the summer months. It means that my home is more than just a holiday home, as I have access to everyday activities, such as swimming and making use of the gym. Having leisure facilities onsite is a key attraction for me as these help drive rentals and return on investment.”


“I plan on gradually increasing the time I spend at my holiday home, as my workload gradually winds down. I will start by just spending a few weeks a year there, with the plan to gradually start spending more and more time there as the years go by.”


“I am buying through the leaseback system which requires our home to be included in the rental pool for a set number of weeks per year and entitles me to a 20% VAT reduction on the sales price. This makes the cost of owning a property on a high-end development in France more attractive and good value for money as it covers my management costs for the year.”


“I have happily owned a time share in the Lake District for 13 years now, called Underscar, situated in the grounds of a manor house, and with its very own red squirrel sanctuary on the estate. It is very similar to La Durantie as it also comes with on-site leisure facilities and on-site management. Having been so satisfied with Underscar’s on-site management and leisure facilities, I was immediately attracted to La Durantie.”



“The Tarn was attractive to me because it sits within a dramatic landscape without being extreme. I enjoy visiting the many bastide towns all within striking distance of each other, and exploring the local French markets. I always manage to find something new and interesting when visiting the Tarn. La Durantie’s location was a key factor in my decision making as it offers stunning views of rolling hills and vineyards from your very own home.”


“I was particularly attracted to the Tarn because there are fewer British expats than other areas such as the Dordogne, and instead much more opportunity to integrate with the locals and experience the real France.”


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